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the powerful 3D CAD solution for mechanical Engineering, plant construction and typical steelwork

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SolidSteel - perfect 3d steelwork

SolidSteel is a powerful and comprehensive 3D CAD steel construction solution for PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling and suitable for all areas of steel construction.

Regardless of whether you are designing substructures for mechanical engineering, scaffolding for plant engineering or e.g. halls in classic structural steelwork... SolidSteel is the ideal tool for all tasks.

SolidSteel offers various functions to place and edit sections as well as many options to connect the sections automatically with steel typical connections.

SolidSteel can be used immediately after installation. The customarily used libraries for sections and connections are already preinstalled and can be used immediately.

Sections in all variations

SolidSteel is delivered with comprehensive section libraries as standard. They include many different section types (I, U, L, T...) with European and (in part) American dimension tables.

It is also possible to expand the section libraries. New sections can be easily defined for known section types by entering the dimensions in a convenient dialog window. Random shape sections such as e.g. aluminum sections for window construction can alternatively be included in the section library by simply clicking on the cross-section draft.

Section placement in the 3D model is especially easy. After selecting the required section, it can be installed in various ways either straight or bent, e.g. by clicking on a start and end point or by indicating a start point, length and direction or very easily by clicking on a system line. Additional options allow rotating sections by their individual axis or placement offset toward the axis.

Sections can also be edited very easily. You can extend, shorten sections, furnish them with bevel cuts, adjust them to random surfaces, furnish them with notches typical for steel construction or also process them completely at random ... your options are nearly unlimited.

Unlimited steelwork connections

The combination of SolidSteel and Modeling gives you truly unlimited possibilities to create steel construction connections. Any connection version, any conceivable shape can be realized without problems.

And you have many connections that are typical for steel construction already available as standard. Head plates, baseplates, ribs, gusset plates, shear force stressed angle connections or also entire frame corners are generated automatically with a few mouse clicks and installed in the structure.

Depending on the function, geometric values are either determined automatically from the construction correlation, specified manually with input masks or loaded from supplied libraries such as e.g. DAST.

For the management of connections not in the delivery scope we recommend the use of the optional PART Assistant. With PART Assistant, you can create individual libraries with components that are individually designed or delivered by suppliers and install the components in the 3D model, if required.

Placing & editing round pipes

SolidSteel offers powerful functions to create and edit round pipe structures of all kinds.

Pipe structures are created easily with the help of SolidSteel section functions... Select the sections, place them into the 3D model, done! This way, you create 3D frameworks, tree columns or even simply a welded diagonal pipe.

With the help of the SolidSteel editing functions, you can determine how the pipes are to be connected at any point. Create mitre cuts between pipes, cut pipes together or adjust a pipe end to any surface within seconds, even to a 3d curved surface, if required.

SolidSteel also offers a function for the creation of unfoldings of the edited pipes with adjustable precision, customized determination of the seam position, and the unfolding drawing with DXF output.

Automatic assembly construction

Beyond the rather single part oriented functions in the section and connection area, SolidSteel also offers the possibility to automatically design complete assemblies.

A dialog window is programmed for this in which the assembly is defined, e.g. sections and connections included in the assembly can be selected and the dimensions entered. The real design program then automatically creates the complete assembly according to the entered parameters.

SolidSteel already includes some such assembly programs as standard, e.g. for bracings, frame corners or stairs.

The automatically created assemblies can be of random complexity. For instance, a substructure with variable dimensions for mechanical engineering can be realized just like the automatic creation of a complete standard hall including all connections and details.

We can create an individual assembly program for you within the scope of service project. Simply contact us. We will be happy to advise you and draw up a customized offer.

Bom's & NC data

All components created with SolidSteel automatically include parts list information, e.g. the material used, the designation of the components and also information on the dimensions.

With the help of the optional BOM Assistant, this information can be read out and merged into a complete parts list with additional parts list attributes such as e.g. manually entered explanations or information from the database.

The standard delivery scope of SolidSteel includes a function for generating NC data for steel construction parts. The NC data are created in the so-called "DSTV format" and can be processed further by all customary control units for sawing/drilling systems or drilling/flame cutting systems.

SolidSteel offers a special import function to import 3D steel construction structures from other 3D CAD systems. The components imported via standard interfaces (e.g. STEP) are examined geometrically and automatically converted into SolidSteel parts which can in turn be used to generate NC data. This functionality also makes it possible to use SolidSteel as a steel construction NC data generator for any 3D CAD system.