Data exchange with software solutions for structural analysis

With the new SDNF interface it is very easy to cooperate with external software solutions for structural analysis.

SDNF is a general interface for the data exchange of steelwork constructions. With ne new version of SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS it it possible to import and export complete steelwork constructions in the SDNF format only with a few clicks.

Structural analysis
For creating a structural analysis with an external solution the SolidSteel parametric steelwork construction can be exported in the SDNF format and imported into the solution for structural analysis. Now it is possible to add missing data like supports, degrees of freedom, loads and complete the structural analysis.
In many cases the analysis causes changes which must be transferred into the SOLIDWORKS steelwork construction. For this purpose the construction must be exported from the static program and imported into SOLIDWORKS.

Now the intelligent algorithms of the SolidSteel parametric import function compare the new imported construction with the existing model. If the importer detects changes (e.g. profile sizes, rotations, deleted/added beams) these changes will be listed in the To-Do list of SolidSteel parametric. Now the user can process this To-Do list step by step and it is ensured that no item can be forgotten.

Import of a steelwork construction
In many companies the structural analysis will be completed before the cad construction. Also in this case it is possible to export the steelwork construction from the static program and import it as a new model into SOLIDWORKS. The SolidSteel parametric importer creates automatically a sketch and places all beams. The user must only design the steel connections.

With the intelligent SDN interface of SolidSteel parametric a powerful tool Is available which minimizes the loss of data in the data exchange process and which closes the gap between the cad construction and the structural analysis.

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